Friday, March 29, 2013

ماذا أقول...?

ماذا أقول لطفلة لا تعرف معنى حنان الأم؟
هي ليست بيتمة أو عن أمها بعيدة.
بل انها.. انها..
اه! كيف لقلمي أن يعجز عن كتابتها
و للساني أن يعجز عن نطقها 
بل بالأحرى كيف لا يكون ذلك 
و قد عجز عقلي عن تقبلها. 
ضحية انت أيتها الطفلة!
ضحية انت لأم لم تستطع أن..
تكسيك حباً و ترضعك حنانا.
ضحية انت لأم جف ثدييها من صحراء الحياة القاحلة.
فما ذنبها؟ و ما ذنبك؟ 
ما ذنبك انت التي ولدتي من رحم 
سقته أمك حسرةً، بكاءً و لوعةً!
خضوع، فكبت، فإنفجار، فأنت. 
فاقرئي يا انت الفاتحة على ضريح طفولتك.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Smash Patriarchy!

Random Thoughts (3)

Long die Patriarchy!

When did I figure out that I am living in a patriarchal society? It's when I knew that my parents got pregnant with me with the hope that my mother was going to give birth to a baby boy. It's when I remembered how when I tease my little brother calling him a "girl" my father angers and my mother punishes me, and when he calls me a "boy" they laugh it off and move on. It's when my brother gets to do whatever he wants whenever he wants while at times I do not even get the chance to choose the color of the socks I want to wear. 

Emotional bla bla bla:

How dare some say that women are more fragile and emotional than men, when the latter keen no respect to the former's feelings once in for all? I can by no means figure out a sensible explanation for such a nonsensical way of thinking. If you believe that women are overly emotional, then the least thing to be done is to respect their feelings. Want to have a lesson in morality? Respect people so that they will respect you. 
And men, please stop using the "emotional creatures" argument every time you want to accuse a woman for being irrational. It's called "emotional intelligence"; something that men lack unless they are gay. Therefore, please get your dictionaries updated and your argument renewed. Scientific studies are starting to pick a side, and it's definitely not yours. 

Superiority bla bla bla:

If men ought to think that they are superior to women merely because God was referred to with a "He" and not with a "She", then you my male friends should bare in mind that you are no God; not even close. 
Some men never become religious until they mention how Eve was created after Adam and from his crooked rib to prove that men are both superior to and better than women. Yes, congratulations. You are holly, and you are going to heaven.  

Written by: Nada Mrabet