Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tunisian National Football Championship: The Promised Day

Today, May 29, 2013, marks the final day of a long championship strewn with obstacles, sprawling with action-packed situations and full of thrills: a day that is still undecided and rejects all odds.
Two matches are scheduled between CSS, head of the pack, and CA, last on the ranking table on one side, and between EST and ESS ranked second with equal points.

The first of the four competing teams has to win the final coronation and remain number one on the competition especially that it had already upgraded its two direct competitors: ESS and EST. It is only by an improbable accident that the championship trophy would switch in favour of the winner of the other two competitors. In case of the defeat of CSS and parity in the second match, the three teams still involved in the title will have equal points (10) and will have to obey to the diktat of the famous article 22 (Sporting Regulations FTF).

The charming part of the play- off is the fact that the championship has not yet delivered any secrets concerning the champion and the team next in line. Both will be automatically qualified to participate in the Champions League. And the third team will be qualified to participate to the CAF Cup. Only the team classified last will play in the UAFA Club Cup.

The suspense is still hovering up to the final minutes of the two games scheduled in Sfax and Rades. It will certainly not displease the fans of the four competing teams as well as the athletes from all sides and lovers of football from all over the country.

The most important thing about football and sports in general is that everything must be conducted with compliance with the sporting ethics and fair play. The four competing teams are schools of probity and integrity and must keep in mind their prestigious image and notoriety to thwart any attempt to distort the games or final results; respect the arbitration decisions; and meet the sports charter.

After all, a football game is ninety minutes of fun, tense emotions, and bitterness or pleasure; depending on whether one is in the camp of the vanquished or of the winner. The suspense will last the time it takes. But, once the outcome of the competition comes out of the unknown, life must go back to normal and everything into order until the next 2013- 2014 version of the National Football Championship.

Let us ensure that the end of the play- off will be celebrated with great joy, happiness and harmony as all teams are winners.