Friday, August 31, 2012

Trust me! You WILL miss me!

Trust me when I say
That you will miss me!
You will miss that broken heart
That fell in love with you,
That was faithful to you.
You will miss those weary eyes
That shed tears for you.
You will miss those kind hands
That cooked your meal every day.
You will miss that baby face
That brought light into the
Blasphemous sick heart of yours.
You will miss that silly stupid girl
That made a man out of you.
That’s true. You were not one;
Not a decent enough one.
That bloody day I met you!
Nor would you be one
When I am no longer with you.
Trust me when I say
That you will miss me.
Every time you will look at her face,
You will miss me
And every riddle,
You thought you solved, in me.

                                                                               Written by: Nada Mrabet

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A "whore" she is no more

She used to be a « whore »
And now, she is no more.
She used to be in debt to him
Just because he said them;
Those three little words
With his beautifully sad grin.
She used to build castles in Spain
Where she made him a prince, a man
Converted him from a low-life,
“Lowfully” low-life farmer to
An honorably dignified King.
She gave him everything a man;
A true man would wish for.
But he turned out to be no man,
Not a little, not at all.
She refused to give him her body,
She gave him her heart, mind and soul
And nothing more
As she was no whore.
He did not want more. Thus,
She fell in love with him harder than before.
Do you see now why?
Why she used to be a « whore »?
He owned her heart, mind and soul.
That is why she used to be a « whore ».
And now that she loves no more,
Not him, not anyone,
She shall never be a « whore ».
                                                             Written by: Nada Mrabet

Friday, August 17, 2012

Statement of purpose sample

After my graduation, all that I was thinking about is to do my utmost to obtain both my MA and PhD degrees and become thereafter a competent university teacher. My academic goals revolve around the world of literature, specifically drama. I will be hopefully focusing on either medieval drama or modern theatre for the following reasons. At the outset, during my third year, I was deeply touched by Samuel Beckett‘s play Endgame and by the theatre of the Absurd in general. After that, during my fortnight in the Language Village in summer 2012, my fascination was further nurtured as I was heartily engaged in the drama workshop, moderated by such inspiring drama teachers. This exquisite experience gave me the opportunity to reconsider drama and to explore its new dimensions. To tell the truth, in the beginning, I was hesitating between linguistics and literature. Then, for the latter reasons, I finally made up my decision. Moreover, ever since I got my Baccalaureate, I have been dreaming of becoming a writer and starting my own magazine. To conclude, pursuing my studies with an MA degree in Literature will serve as a stepping stone both to enhance my educational level and to fulfill my future goals.

                                                                                                                          Written by: Nada Mrabet