Friday, September 28, 2012

Feminist? Me?

Random thoughts (2):

Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not represent women who post naked photos on Facebook, wear mini skirts, swear, smoke and drink. It is none of that. 

Being a feminist means being a fighter; fight those who seek to mute the voice of women around the world, imprison their thoughts and steal their rights.

Being a feminist means being independent, by letting no one own you for feeding you and buying your favorite perfume and expensive make up.

Being a feminist does not necessarily mean that women hate men. It does not also mean that female feminists are lesbians or male feminists are gay.

Being a feminist does not mean that women are of a better race than men. It simply mirrors the belief of the latter being equal.

Being a feminist means being a survivor; surviving social classification and sex discrimination; surviving after getting beaten till losing count. 

Being a feminist is proving to all misogynists that hell yeah! we can do it! all by ourselves.
So? Are you a feminist? 

                                                                            Written by:
                                                                            Nada Mrabet.. A feminist.

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Friday, September 14, 2012


Random thoughts (1):

Sometimes I feel like I think like a man. How?

I ask myself what most Arab women want these days and all days?! They want a good husband, a nice house and a couple of pretty and bright children.

Then I ask myself what do I want? I want to get my MA degree, study abroad for a PhD, make a great career as an efficient journalist and bestselling book writer, start my own business (Nad’Z company: the largest bookstore and the first English Magazine and Radio in Tunisia), buy my dream car, buy a big house with an inspiring corner for my writings, and maybe get married to a nice guy who both respects and appreciates me.

Simply, I want to be independent, successful, strong, independent and independent. I do not want to be in need for a man to buy me my rings and pay me my bills. I do not want to feel in debt for anyone. I want to take the piano lessons that I have always wished for. I want to be able to attend meetings and events in the association- I am part of- that strives to improve the well being of my city. I want to have a summer job so that I can pay my next year’s enrolling fees. I do not want to feel in debt for anyone, not even my old fellows!
I want to depend on me. 

How come that right is given to all men and not to all women? How come that right is given to my brother and not to me only because I was born with a Sorghastrom Endometrium?

                                                                                                           Written by: Nada Mrabet