Friday, September 28, 2012

Feminist? Me?

Random thoughts (2):

Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not represent women who post naked photos on Facebook, wear mini skirts, swear, smoke and drink. It is none of that. 

Being a feminist means being a fighter; fight those who seek to mute the voice of women around the world, imprison their thoughts and steal their rights.

Being a feminist means being independent, by letting no one own you for feeding you and buying your favorite perfume and expensive make up.

Being a feminist does not necessarily mean that women hate men. It does not also mean that female feminists are lesbians or male feminists are gay.

Being a feminist does not mean that women are of a better race than men. It simply mirrors the belief of the latter being equal.

Being a feminist means being a survivor; surviving social classification and sex discrimination; surviving after getting beaten till losing count. 

Being a feminist is proving to all misogynists that hell yeah! we can do it! all by ourselves.
So? Are you a feminist? 

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                                                                            Nada Mrabet.. A feminist.

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