Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Good Bye Letter

Dears sisters,

I am writing you this letter to give a spiritual good bye to the loveliest sisters and best friends I have ever had. However, this does not mean that I will never talk to you again. As a matter of fact, I will always be there for you whenever you need me and no matter what would be the circumstances!

Lately, I have discovered that the worst feeling ever is when I begun to realize that all those days I've spent with you; all those good times and even bad times were simply fake. They were never meant to last forever and at some point, I always had a little voice telling me that you knew it. But I didn't. 

Last night I couldn't sleep. I spent the whole night crying.. crying over the loss of those I have never expected to lose. It's funny how the closest people to you can change so easily. It is becoming like some kind of a phenomenon like chromosome mutation.

Every time I imagine my future, I see you in it. I see you when I graduate and on my wedding day. But maybe I should stop doing that as I've come to learn that high expectations can only be followed by disappointment. You have never loved and needed me as much as I did , and you will never find someone who would love you as much as I did.

If it hadn't been for the fight of the ex-clic, we would have never been close friends from the beginning. But here you go! You guys are back together and I'm the ex now. It's fine by me. I respect your decision. I actually got used to such situations. In fact, I took off the terms friends and sisters from my dictionary forever. If I hadn't luck with you guys, I will never have any with any one.

I guess this is it. I am not putting the blame on anyone. I suppose good stories are never meant to have happy endings. You seem like you want to end it with no farewell. But I am giving you one for old times' sake. 

I thank you for the good and the bad. I wish you happiness and success from the deepest wells of my heart. No matter what happened, is happening and would happen, you will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. 

                                                                       Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                    Ex- sister.

                                                                                                                             Written by: Nada Mrabet

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