Friday, October 19, 2012

A Wish List

Today, I read an interesting story about a couple who fell in love with each other. Eventually, they got married and started to live happily ever after till one day they found out that she suffered from cancer. 
He never left her side. It was not long till she died leaving behind her nothing but a wish list and a lawfully wedded husband. He never spelled a word; only silent tears. After her funeral ended, he was asked about his future plans. He took a deep breath and answered with a mysterious twinkle in his eyes: "My plans are making my wife's wishes come true."

This inspirational story -true or not true- had deeply affected me. Therefore, I have decided to make my own wishlist. That way, maybe if I would die sooner than later, someone who cared enough would make them come true for me or at least try as I do realize that they are not that easy to fulfill. 

1- Get a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics.
2- Get a PhD.
3- Enrich my writing skills and have online courses abroad.
4- Become a best selling writer and a very talented journalist.
5- Travel abroad especially to Angola, England, Paris and finally maybe settle down in Dubai.
6- Get a great job as a TV show presenter in Dubai.
7- Launch my own Magazine and Radio in Tunisia in the English language.
8- Establish one of the largest libraries in my home town Kairouan to make it the favorite destination for bookworms.
9- Get piano lessons.
10- Learn other languages other than English, Arabic and French.

For now, this is my wishlist. Short, I know. But, it can take me very long years to make some space for it on the land of reality. I hope that I can live long enough to do that.

Attached is a "Wedding Vows" video sang by Jamie Foxx. I dedicate it to all those who have been lucky enough to taste the true and long lasting kind of love as well as to those who walked away with broken hearts. For the latter, do not give up. There is always hope.

                                                                                                         Written by: Nada Mrabet

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