Monday, January 14, 2013

On The Second Anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution

I am X.
I require many features
That restrict me
From many other Xs, and Ys.

I require a [+HUMAN] feature;
I am a human being.

I require a [+ FEMALE] feature;
I am a woman.

I require a [+ TUNISIAN] feature;
I am Tunisian.

I require a [+MULTIDIALECT] feature; 
I say "yahbeni".
I say "ha guelly".
I say " yahchouchoo".
I say "yahchoumy". 

I require a [+MULTILINGUAL] feature;
I say "Oh my God".
I say "Oh mon Dieu".

I require a [+FREEDOM] feature;
I need to be free. 
In case of violation;
In case I end up with a [-FREEDOM] feature;
I require a [+REVOLUTION] feature.
I revolt.
I revolutionize. 
And I get back my [+FREEDOM] feature. 

I require a [+PRIDE] feature;
The adjective "proud" is attached to me
Just like bound morphemes need 
To be attached to other morphemes. 

I am X.
I am a human being. 
I am a woman.
I am "multidialectal". 
I am multilingual. 
I am free. 
I revolt. 
And most of all,
I am proud to be X! 

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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