Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to Design a Personal Strategy for living? (Sample)

(PS: This is an imaginary personal strategy. Not mine!)
       I have reached a point in my life where I want to do and learn a lot of things, but there is so little time. That is when I felt the urge to make a yearly plan of the goings-on of my life. This will help me to clear things out, to understand who I am, who I want to be and what I want from this life. It will help me elucidate my goals and the needed strategies and steps to be done to reach those goals.
My Mission in Life
I want to change myself, the people around me and my community. I want to write books that will make a change in the lives of my potential readers.
My Vision
I will be myself and not a copy-cat of someone else. I will be intellectual, creative, active, sociable, friendly, loving, hopefully, inspiring and aspiring.
The Three Areas of my Plan
Physical aspect. Lately, I’ve been living an unhealthy life. I either eat out or order pizza. I eat a lot of junk food and I drink a lot of coke. I need to get rid of this health-damaging diet once and for all. Starting from this week, I am also going to start eating at home and cooking vegetables-based dishes and drink my morning fruits energy drinks.  I am also going to apply for a gym membership card. Practicing sports is very important for one’s body and mind. A healthy body means a healthy mind and a happy life.
Spiritual aspect. It is amazing how much contemplating can affect the way you perceive life and make you a happier person. I believe that going to the park on an early Sunday morning to take a walk while listening to some relaxing opera music will do the trick. I will also attend the Saturday yoga club to which my friends have been inviting me. It will help me clear my mind and cleanse my system from all the negative energy. 
Intellectual aspect. I will participate in the annual book challenge set on my favorite book site called I will challenge myself to read 50 books before the end of this year. I will look for a book club and join it. I will also save some money to buy more books. I love reading, and I believe that if I am ever going to take it seriously then I will need to invest both of my time and money in it. Besides, since writing is my number one passion, starting from tomorrow I am going to start writing my first book. I will commit myself into writing at least 300 words a day.
Emotional aspect. To make my dreams come true, I need to learn how to control all sorts of negative feelings towards myself as well as others. I need to transfer every negative and unhealthy feeling into something positive that will help me achieve more of myself. To do that, I will watch videos and read books and articles that will teach me more about feelings, energy and the metaphysical aspects of life and human relations.
Family members. The older one gets the more it gets harder to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your family members especially because of the existing generation gap. To avoid tension and miscommunication, I will spend every Sunday afternoon with my family and plan once-a-month cook-outs. During these meetings, I will try to better communicate with them by trying to listen thoroughly to what they say and improve my listening and communication skills in the process. If I cannot maintain a loving and healthy relationship with my parents and brothers now, then how am I ever going to have one with my spouse and kids? I need to be in control of my social life now!
Friends. I must not forget about my friends. My good friends are like a family to me. I intend to keep having a close relationship with them. I will squeeze them in my plans. I will ask them to join me in the gym. Instead of looking for a book club to join, I will create our own book club. I will also join them at the Saturday Yoga club. As for my best friend, I will invite her to the monthly cook-out I hold at my parents’ house.
I understand that for me to change myself to a better person and to improve my communication skills with others I need to be an active citizen and get involved in my community. Being engaged with the people of my community will help me build confidence and self-esteem, meet new people and enjoy my time. I need to help other people so that I will be able to help myself. I feel really blissful and satisfied when I make someone happy thanks to the good deeds I do for them. It makes me feel less selfish and egocentric. Since I am a bit short on money and I cannot do any charitable giving, I will do some volunteer work by serving food to the homeless at a nearby homeless shelter at least once a month.

          During the week, I am going to be busy with my studies. During week-ends, I will commit myself to this plan which will help me achieve a better version of myself, bond with family and friends and help the different members of my community.

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