Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ephemeral (poem)

 I need a break from life. From myself.
Unplug my brains.
Give my heart a long unpaid maternity leave.
I need to stop time,
Fall into a deep sleep in the middle of nowhere.
No Dreams. No nightmares.
I need to stop thinking.
About now and the hereafter.
About life, heaven and hell.
No one. No time. Nowhere.
Just miles and miles of whiteness.
Just me walking on the moist grass.
Walking down the road.
Not as a woman.
But a human.
No plans. No expectations.
No people. No prejudice.
Just me. And the road.
I need to rest my weary eyes.
I want no prince charming
To kiss me on my virgin lips
To wake me up.
Brace yourselves,
Children of the Human kind:
Life is no fairytale.
In dystopia,
The no-good place,
no place,
No one will save you
Only YOU can save you.
Children of the Human kind:
Life is a hunger game.
Devils, survivors and angels of death.
Ö! Raphael!
Sweet Angel of Death,
Ephemeral can be anything
But you.
I do not fear you for I have seen your naked truth.
I shall fear no evil for you are within me.
Trust me with all your heart
And I shall release you from your pain.
For taking all those souls from their loved ones,
Let's befriend random people.
Talk to strangers.
Be their fallen-angels.
Help them unleash the human within them.


Only then I will part. Only then I will leave.
No one to be escorted by.
No family. No friends.
No one but Raphael.
Raphael, my love,
My sweet drop-dead gorgeous angel of death,
Shall we part? Shall we dance on the melody of
Life within death.
Let death be a heavenly window view.
A window of a train.
A classic old movie train.
With my coffee mug in my hands.
And the smell of hot coffee penetrating my nose.
Tickling my brain.
Sending shivers down my spine.
The mug softly touching my lusting-for-caffeine lips. 
Small sips swiftly tapping on the taste buds of my tongue.

Rolling down my throat in joy!

Performed on stage during the 2nd edition of Aspire to Inspire- Tunisia. 

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