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Diabetes: What is it? How to prevent and treat it?

     It is true that your brains need glucose in order to survive. However, a high level of it in your blood will probably cause diabetes. Through this article, we will try to figure out: How do you get diabetes? How many types of diabetes are there? What are the warning signs of diabetes? And what are the possible preventions and treatments?

How do you get diabetes?
Scientifically speaking, a person becomes diabetic when his body becomes unable of producing insulin. In fact, insulin is a hormone produced by an organ labeled "pancreas". This hormone is responsible of the entering of glucose from the blood to the cells in order to maintain low blood sugar levels. Therefore, when the glucose reaches its highest levels in one's blood, it will get out of the body in urine. Eventually, the body cells will get no glucose, thus no energy and power to feed on.

How many types of diabetes are there?
Actually, there are three types of diabeties:
1) Diabetes Type 1: When you produce no insulin at all.
2) Diabetes Type 2 - when you do not produce enough insulin that fits the needs of your body.
3) Gestational Diabetes - When you develop diabetes just during your pregnancy.

What are the warning signs of diabetes?
As glucose cannot pass through from the blood to the cells, the body will get rid of the extra glucose in urine. That is why diabetes go to the bathroom many times during the day. Consequently, they will feel dehydrated and need to drink more water than the usual.
Moreover, as the body needs glucose to get energy, diabetes will feel fragility and fatigue because they are deprived from the latter. So, no matter how much fruits they eat and fluids they drink, they will never feel energetic as it is a matter of insulin, not of how much sugar they consume.
The body needs energy to survive. Because it cannot get it in the usual way (through blood), it will start looking for energy sources from muscles and fat. That is when diabetes start losing weight.

Diabeties and Pregnancy:
When a woman is pregnant, she goes through hormonial changes and her body becomes in need for more glucose. When the Pancreas fails to deliver the extra insulin, the woman will be a Gestational Diabetes. The good news is that not all woman have it. And if they do (God forbid)
it will go away when they have their babies.

Diabeties and Obesity:
Being obese can cause your body cells to become resistant to insulin and this increases the risk for Diabetes Type 2. Most advanced researches concerning this issue state that most obese people are also diabetes. So, you do the math.

what are the possible preventions and treatments?
The preventions and treatments are almost alike. Here is a list that you may follow in order to keep your blood sugar level normal:
1) You have to watch your weight and maintain a healthy diet.
2) You have to do some regular exercising to keep your body healthy.
3) You have to quit smoking as soon as possible and lessen drinking alcohol.
4) You have to avoid consuming too much of the Three Poisons: Sugar, Salt and White Flour.
5) You have to check you blood sugar levels frequently.
Till this day, Type 1 cannot be prevented yet. However, Type 2 can.

      It is true that Diabetes is a really exhausting and complicated desease. But it can be treated and at times prevented. Indeed, you have to watch out you blood sugar levels and take a good care of your body before you will be obliged to use insulin syringes.

                                                                                                                 Written by: Nada Mrabet

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