Thursday, January 11, 2018

Do I really have to write a title?

He's something. I don't know if I have loyal readers of my very humble blog. I have a fine number of views despite the fact that I do not write that much. Only 196 posts. I only blame myself, especially that I have been posting all kinds of posts under all types of themes with no one precise topic. This blog actually kind of reflects my personality. This is who I am in real life. I want everything; I want to do everything; I want to learn about everything; I want to do everything. But I only end-up having a little bit of everything. I am indecisive and unfocused. I wish I was some sort of a superhero: A superhero who can multi-task. But my life is not that bad. I have come to a point where I actually love my life. Yes! I love my life! I cannot believe myself saying this. I am very satisfied with the person I am today. I am happy with the life I am leading today. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. 
I am writing this post after watching Julia & Julie. Meryl Streep. What a magical creature on earth! She is simply phenomenal. If the characters she is playing are real, you fall in love with the characters because of her. And if the characters are imaginary, you wish they were real. Every time I watch a movie and I like a particular character in it, I wish if I could be that character in real life, and I feel like if at least I show some initiative, I can definitely be whoever the hell I want. I know I can be anything or anyone I want. But I want to be all of them. And that is the problem. Even gods can only be gods and no one else.  

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