Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We Are Who We Are. Are You?

I think that we are all amazing each in our own way. I think that there is somebody behind everybody we see. Somebody who writes down the history of things. A history that tells why people act the way they do, think the way they think and feel the way they feel. I think that we all have stories to tell: bad stories, good stories, twisted stories, pervert stories, evil stories, inspirational stories. Even in having no story to tell there is a story. [sigh] If only people were able to tell them, and other people were able to listen... But, you know what? We are not the amazing part of us. And no. It is not the stories we tell or have never told. It is the process leading to the story. Not the climax. And not the person having it. 
It is the things we go through that make us who we are and change who we were expected to be. Till one day we wake up one morning (or one afternoon) and say "I am going to do this and that because this is what I was meant to be." Of course this is what I call a bad story, because a good story would be us waking up to say "this is what I choose to be."

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