Monday, February 10, 2014

Post-reading impression of Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

Christian Grey, one of the two leading characters, is depicted as the Adam of all Eves. He is synonymous with Mr. Perfect. 

Most of the focus was put on CG and why he's become a Dom. But no focus was put on Anastasia and why she's 23, always blushing, never had a boyfriend and still a virgin, till she's met CG. Plus, I don't know how her mother's many marriages is supposed to add any weight to the book or to Ana's psyche or character. It's like adding an interesting ingredient to a recipe but you never use it when cooking the dish. 

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey was the greatest mistake I have ever made during my short picnic in the world of literature. You will realize that only when you will read a good piece of literature afterwards. And when I say good, I mean sophisticated characters, good flowing English, and a strong plot with an interesting climax. 

This author-like James succeeded in making her readers believe that CG is the Mr. Perfect that all girls want. He's NOT! He's Fifty Shades of fucked up. And that says it all. It's actually the touched-for-the-first-time feelings and orgasms that Ana experienced that made CG look like a Greek God. Again. He's NOT! CG is the manifestation of the imaginative lover that all shallow girls want to have, or that the author herself wants to have. Rich, sexy, knows how to treat a woman. 

You have a wet dream with that kind of men. You don't fall in love with them or write a whole trilogy about them. Perhaps that's what inspired the author at the first place, a wet dream. Or perhaps that's the kind of men she wanted for herself after her looks failed her to be with such a man (no offense). 

James, read more quality books, let go of your imagination, come back in a couple of years and we'll see what you'll come up with. You see, writing books is not about turning porn into words or making money out of it. It's more about creating alternative worlds for readers. Authentic readers entrusted you with their lives and precious time and you've let them down. 

However, I do like to read the story from inside CG's mind. That would be more fucked up. And probably more interesting. 

The good thing though is that every here and there you'll find names of good songs or musical pieces which I have enjoyed more than the book itself. 


  1. i can see now what you were talking about! :p

    1. hhhhhhhh hey! don't let Shaima read it then! :p

  2. well, like it or not you enjoyed the book like evrey other woman who read it. Plus it is an erotic romance novel you don't expect amazing plots & sophisticated words, all you're gonna find is an imaginary love story with a lot of sex scenes. Eventually, it's a genra that so many women like.