Thursday, October 31, 2013

After-reading impression of The Alibi by Sandra Brown

The Alibi by Sandra Brown

Hammond's Character being in love doesn't fit the rest of his already built profile. He is being shown as a vulnerable and weak person when he's thinking of or around Alex. 

The whole plot felt almost as good as true, except for the character of Hammond which happens to be the most important character. 

The suspense and the romance felt like they do not go together. As if the writer took the suspense from one book and the romance from another book and jointed them in "The Alibi". 

"The Alibi" seems so similar to "The Tough Customer" in so many ways. When trying to imagine the two main characters in the former, they were pretty much similar to those of the latter. However, I believe that the latter is well written especially in terms of plotting and suspense when compared to "The Alibi". 

I found "The Alibi" very classic and typical with no really shocking events, no interesting characters, no perfect climax, etc.

I also found some unnecessary scenes here and there, especially erotic ones. The author should not use the erotic scenes to make the story more interesting or amusing to read. 

One more thing, I felt like the story in the middle was very stretched whereas the end was quickly wrapped up like a bad gift. 

When I bought the book, I was so excited about it. But then it took me a lot of effort to finish it. The only parts that drew a light smile on my lips were the last 3 chapters. 

I'm sorry for this bad review, but I feel like I lost my precious time on a bad book. 

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