Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After-reading impression of Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown 

For me, this book is out of the ordinary. I've never read this kind of books before.
It is full of spontaneous suspense, as well as a daring and sassy language that carries a lot of personality.

The author did the characters good. Although I found some similarities between Deputy Ski and Dodge, as well as between Berry and her mother Caroline. However, I liked these similarities.

I adored Dodge's character! It's one of a kind! Actually, what made me go through the whole story and feel a hungry need to finish the book is to discover how Dodge and Caroline fell in love with each other and why they broke apart.

The most romantic line I loved in this book is: "The word kiss was suddenly, wondrously redefined. It became an act of love, an engagement not merely of mouths but of souls."
It made me angry when I learned that Dodge cheated on Caroline! It made me even more angry when I learned that he popped Crystal and lost Caroline and his daughter for nothing! He didn't even solve the case.

One more thing, at first I did not like the way Oren Starks was found. But when I found out later on that it was his twin brother that was found shot in the head, I got it all.

The book was a whole new adventure for me; such an exciting adventure that took place in my head and through my imagination. I would LOVE to read all of Sandra Brown's books!

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