Friday, April 6, 2012


Let me tell you about the candles of my life 
When my life was five point five 
When I used to feel like the world is mine 
And when all my stars used to shine. 

Let me tell you about the perfect world that I used to live in 
When life taught me to never give in 
When all my stories started to begin 
And when I started to fit in. 
They were four candles actually 
I used to fight for them bravely 
Trying to keep them lighted hardly 
Enjoing loving them crazely. 

But as I always say:"they were too good to be true" 
They always turn off, there is nothing new 
I just can't take care of them, even they are few 
That's something I used to know and will always do. 

With the death of my candles comes the birth of other ones 
Their birth always reminds me that I was in their place once 
Then they start toturing me like an old grudgy sun 
They torture me for one reason, only for fun. 

But what can I say? What can I do? 
It's always the same, nothing is new 
It happens only for me and some few 
We will never taste happiness and that's the only thing we knew 
But with a look at your lieing eyes 
I forget myself and all of your freaking lies 
But deep in my heart, I hated you and all your guys 
Especially when you steal hearts like stolen cheese by mice. 

Finally, after all these years 
I started to forget all about you and my fears 
I've learned how to whipe my own tears 
And every time they talk about you I close my ears. 

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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