Sunday, April 8, 2012


I look through my window, I see the shinning sun 
It smiles at me and says: "Go have some fun,
Go ahead, get out before time away will run". 

I look through my window, I see a beautiful flower
Usually hen I look at her, she gives me more power
But this time she stole it from me, what a cheating flower! 

I look through my window, looking for a doctor for my broken heart 
Missing the feeling of being crazely loved
Being tortured by the fact of being lovelorned. 

I stay by the window waiting for his call
I stay up late waiting for him in the hall
I stay up late till the moon and the stars fall. 

You disrespected me and treated me like a whore
I even got more respect from a freaking dog
I loved you so much, but you were my biggest shock. 

But one day, you'll be the dog and I'll be the ruler 
You'll be the weak and I'll be the wrestler 
You'll be the victim and I'll be the shooter. 

I don't know if that day through the door will come in 
I don't know if that day will fit
But I certainly know that I'll be too tired to enjoy it.. 

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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