Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Be Continued

Am I blind? 

I don't know

I have the bless of sight

But I feel like I can't see. 

I have been hanted by the doubts' crow

It has been hanting me for the whole night

And it refuses to release me. 

It says that it has something to show

Show me things that can't be right

Then it will let me free.

At first, I said NO

I told it that I am going to fight

If it won't say what kind of things it's going to show me.

It said that it is something about my growth

Something that is not fine

About something I have to be or I won't be.

By the time it started to show

We were running out of time

And it didn't tell me...

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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