Friday, April 13, 2012

Got To Love You

I've missed you so much... I've missed you more than a vampire misses the sun, more than a hungry person misses food, more than Romeo misses Juliette, I've missed you more than I missed breathing the air of happiness, because you are the only reason I am living for... Things that I am saying might be not so romantic but at least I mean them. And believe me, you are the only thing I really mean and care about in this life. I mean how am I supposed to forget you while you are the only thing that is holding me in this life? In this life, all my days were bad, black, gloomy... But the only thing that was keeping me from giving up is the litlle faith that Allah is giving me to survive and live an other day loving you and tasting the real taste of life. 
My love to you is so much bigger than the "Romeo and Juliette story", but at first the thing that was holding me back is your refusal for this pure and honest love, then I remembered those oaths that I have made to myself. The first one was to never give you up no matter what was your answer and that I'll be always there for you, when you'll need someone honest to talk to and someone to keep your secrets, you'll find me and only me, because I love you more than I love myself, more than I love my eyes, more then than I love life! The second one was about marriage, I said that if one day I'll get married to you I'll give one hundred lambs to poor people. I know that it will be expensive, but I'll do anything for you, no matter how expensive it is. 
If you are not the one, then why do I feel so happy when I see you, why do I dream every night about you as my husband, why do I see your face in every man I look at, why do I see our story in every film I watch? Please tell me. 
Please, just for once, quit playing me, and read this message deeply and with an opened heart. 
I won't promise you that it will be the last time that I will write about you because it won't. Moreover, this wasn't the first time, you can see in my notes by yourself and you'll see.. you'll see how honest, pure and big my love is.

                                                                                                                                                  (Written in 2009)

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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