Sunday, May 27, 2012

-- Addiction --

Addiction is what I call it
It runs in the veins of my heart.
Sweet suffer is how I feel it
It is the source of all arts.
Eternal and pure love is what fits, 
In the puzzle of our hearts.

Sadness became my friend
Ever since I’ve known you.
It started when I reached your hand
And increased when I fell in love with you.
Every time I try to make an end
I end up more addicted to you.

Stress became my mate
Every time I miss you.
Even if I knew my fate
I’d still fall in love with you.
You unlocked my heart’s gate
And I’m grateful to you. 

Happiness is what you gave me
It’s something I never knew.
You loved me, you appreciated me
You gave me something great and new.
The more we let our love be
The more it grew.

Luck is on my side
When I have you.
You’ve been the source of light
Thanking Allah is what I should do.
For our love I’ll sacrifice 
And I’ll never give up on you.

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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