Sunday, May 27, 2012

Freshmen in Raggeda-- The corrupted Raggeda

In this article, I am going to apply the theoretical concept of a faculty on our practical faculty. The definition of a faculty taken from “Wikipedia” is: “A faculty is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects.” So, from such definition we will all assume that this faculty is founded in an appropriate place to receive such high education. However, this is not the case in our faculty: F.L.S.H.K. Why saying so? I will tell you why. 
Our faculty is surrounded by forests everywhere. As most of the superstitions say, forests are the symbol of sin and transgression. It is the safest place where sinners can practise their corrupted behaviour. I know that all of this is based on superstitions, but I believe in them because most of them make sense to me. 
Anyway, what make me believe that our faculty is corrupted are things I and everybody see, and news I hear from trustworthy people. I always see bottles of cheap wine thrown in the way to the Fast Food area, under some trees near the faculty, and next to libraries. Once, some friends of mine told me about a bunch of people smuggling stuff, God only knows what. I know some gay girls who live in the campus of Raggeda. I have heard some rumours about some gay boys either. Almost everyday I see guys driving high class cars stop almost in front of the main door of our faculty, raise the volume of the music trying to get the attention of the girls who study in there. Some of them are naïve girls who want to have rich boyfriends. Others are whores who are ready to sell themselves for a better life and more money. Not only that, I have heard about a girl who got raped in a place near this faculty. I am sure that really few of you have heard of her, because no one knew about that incident till she herself talked about it to some friends. I have also heard about a girl who had a sexual affair with a man whom she actually loved and trusted, and he got her pregnant. Ultimately, she got an abortion. There is another case about a girl named Dhekra. I think everybody heard about her, that’s why I mentioned her name. She had fallen in sin with a man she loved, and ended up running away with him from her family and from the future husband she was supposed to get married to in few months. 
I have heard once about another incident that happened before I came to study in this faculty which happened right inside of one of the classrooms. The dean had walked in on two students having a sexual affair. For God’s sake, what is it wrong with this faculty? Thank God that the dean had putted cameras almost everywhere, or else, more incidents like this would happen. I will tell you why I do not like it there. It is because every where I go I see all kinds of sins and sinners. And now I know why parents always worry about us. It is because they have already seen such things. They are always afraid that we will either get infected with such corruption, or be victims of it. 
You would be lying if you would say that you do not see or know at least half what I saw and heard about. You would be lying if you would say that you totally feel secured in such sinful place. I have an awful curiosity to know if such things happen in other faculties or not. I wish I would know. Now one last thing, tell me; you’d you like your little sisters and brothers, your children and grand- children to study in such faculty? Would you let them? I know I would not.

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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