Sunday, May 27, 2012

Foster Care: Revealing Statistics

 Foster Care has the highest level of activity in The United States of America. It means the fact of putting a child in the care of another family when the former has been adandoned or at times abused by his biological parents. Usually it is temporary till the child gets adopted or at least one of his birth parents reclaims him/ her. Most of them get emotionally and psychologically damaged which makes it even harder for them to accept the fact of moving in with their unbiological parents. The abandoned children are predominantly males. They are mostly Whites with a percentage of 41 in 2005. The rest of them are mainly Black (32%) and Hispanic (18%).
What do statistics and researches declare about Foster Care in the USA?

Foster care is like a bus station in which children wait for the right family to pick them up and treat them as if they were their biological parents. On one hand, not all children exit the system because they got adopted. In 2007, around 8.7% of them left because they reached the age of eighteen. Unless they find a decent job and a place to live in, they will face homelessness, poverty, hunger, bad health, etc... On the other hand, researches brought out into open that the numbers of adoptions have increased from 28.000 in 1996 to 50.000 in 2000. This fact gives hope for many of the abandoned children who were left behind with no care once in for all.

Foster care is the system which takes care of the parentless children till they get chosen by a worthy family. Therefore, more and more adoptive homes are needed in order to save those 8.7% we have already talked about from homelessness. In 1999, around 40.000 of the Foster Care children were successfully adopted, while 100.000 of them were still waiting. Almost 65% of the former were adopted by their "Foster Parents". The rest were adopted by relatives (16%) and non- relatives (20%).

The percentages provided by many researches about Foster Care make us ask a question: What are the reasons behind the fact of those children leaving the system without being adopted? First, it is revealed that in 1998 and 1999 most of the waiting children are Black and Hispanic with a percentage of 67%. And the white waiting children were only 32%. Second, it is plainly declared that Foster Care children are most likely of being adobted when they are between one and five years old with a percentage of 45%. Once they reach ten, their chances start to briskly decrease to 15% and then 2% as they get older.

Beyond Doubt, Foster Care is every parentless child hope to get a caring and loving family after being deprived from his/ her divine right of being raised by his/ her own biological parents. It is true that through the recent years the percentage of adoption and adopting houses are increasing. However, there are still children who need an appropriate home to live in, a healthy meal to eat and a school to attend. Hopefully, there will be a year when The United States of America will reach a point where all Foster Care children find a welcoming family to live with.

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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