Sunday, May 27, 2012

Perfect Birthday Parties for Little Girls

A birthday is considered to be the best opportunity for a girl to feel like a real princess. Therefore, mums try really hard to fulfill the best birthday party their girls would ever have. They start thinking about the budget, the little princess's dress, the invitations, the cake, the decoration, etc... Hence, here is a list of things that mums can do in order to satisfy their little girls' needs and accomplish their imaginations.

Birthday Theme:
According to my own experiences which I had with my two lovely little girls, the best theme a mum may choose for her girl's birthday is: "Royal Birthday Party".
At that age, little girls always dream of wearing a magical dress and a beautiful tiara, having a "Tea Party "with their little female friends, playing games for fun, eating their most favorite food, etc... More importantly, most of them favor the color of "pink". So let us make the party "royal", "magical", "fun" and "PINK"!

Birthday invitations:
Birthday invitations are both "easy" and "fun" to make. To make it even more special to do, mums may ask the help of their daughters instead of doing it on their own. They may ask about their favorite colors (pink, red, green, purple...) , shapes (ballons, hearts, flowers, stars, little trees...) , cartoons (a princess, a fairy, a ballerina...) etc...
Additionally, they can use their own printer at home (if they have one) for less expenses.

Birthday Dress:
For girls, the birthday dress and the tiara represent the most important part. Girls get to be the princesses of their own parties. Mums do not have to worry if they would not find their girls' perfect dress in the market or the mall. They can sew the dresses in their own way and choose their preffered colors (usually pink, white and purple) and motifs (butterfly, flower, Hello Kitty, Lotus, hearts...).

Birthday cake:
Here, mums can be very creative if they go to the right baker. There are so many adorable cake shapes such as: chocolate cake, pink princess cake, cute lady bug cake, Hello Kitty cake, etc...
Otherwise, they can simply make some homemade cakes: many little cupcakes or just one huge cupcake, a simple two- tiered cake decorated with pink buttercream and a tiara on the top, etc...

More Birthday ideas:
* If your girls do not have a Phobia from clowns, then get them one. It is the best way to assure that all the kids will have a great time as the clown will do some magical and funny tricks, and sing children songs. He will keep them busy having fun.
* Buy some princess party supplies or Hello kitty supplies, or Minie Mouse supplies.. It depends on your girls' choices. The motifs on the supplies will emphasise the theme of the party.
* You can pick a game that would be fun for all to play. My favorite is "Truth or Dare". It suits all ages and parents can participate as well.
* Beside the cake you can add: pancakes, doughnuts, lollipops, Gummi bears, etc..

Hopefully these tricks will help you make fairy tales come true for your little princesses. Do not forget to buy or rent a camera in order to record all the lovely moments of the birthday party.

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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