Sunday, May 27, 2012

Freshmen in Raggeda: Relationships

A friend is “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard and who gives assistance and support.” This is the theoretical definition of “a friend”, however, practically; friendship has lost its real concept. 

When I first came to F.L.S.H.K., students seemed to be so joyful and nice: hugs, kisses, jocks, and laughter. Then I thought: ok, faculty is not that bad, I can go through it, and I can fit in. However, after eight months, I came to a point where I realized that what I thought is not true. I thought that all people are good and friendly. In fact, most of them are hypocrites. They laugh in your face, they kiss you, and they ask you how you are doing. And when they get the right opportunity, they stab you right in your back. 
Of course, there are many types of hypocrites. There are those who become friends with you so they will benefit from your money, personal course, the answers of the exam, or even clothes to borrow. There are also those who become friends with you so they will be friends with your friends and take advantage of your popularity. And we should not forget those who become friends with you for sexual profit, about which I am going to talk in one of my next articles.
You might say: what a silly article! What is she talking about? Why is she doing so?
Well, I have the right answer for you. I am talking about these issues because these are the ones left with no notice or discussion. These are the types of things which we see but we never comment on them and think about them. I got sick of reading articles talking about the obvious and leaving the little hidden details which effect people’s life largely. I’m talking about relationships because they are the base of our social life. After all, as Aristotle said: “Man is a social animal.” 
Do you know what our problem is? We all see the same problems from the same angles, but we never talk about them in public or admit they do exist. We want to be as modern and open minded as Europeans- not in every thing of course- and at the same time we are getting even more narrow- minded. We have to think. We have to react. When I asked people why Raggeda is hated, they said we just hate it for no reason. But I think that the most evident reason is the unhealthy relationships that students have. These types of relationships can really do us harm. Unhealthy relationships always lead to verbal or even to physical violence. So, why be bad? Why be dishonest? 

Now, after knowing these facts, I have to watch my back and make less close friends which is something I do not like to do. It’s true that I like everybody, even those who treated me badly or secretly did not accept me. But I have to do so. I have to live in big fear of those who might harm me. It might be true that there still good and honest friends in this world, but they are really few. So, be careful. Do not harm anyone. And only trust the trustworthy. Even if you got stabbed in the back, just get up fast, forget about it, and move on with your life. And as my favourite quote says: “Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.”

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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