Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bless from Allah

Every day of my life
I congratulate myself
Because you are mine
I congratulate myself.
You are a bless from God
For having you I am thanking him
The bless of love
The bless I thought was forbidden.
I believe in God’s signs
I see you every where
Even in my poetry’s lines
It’s not fair.
Every thing is jealous of me
Because I have you
You sent my heart free
How can’t I love you?
The air is jealous
It’s not the only thing that touches you
The mirror is jealous
It’s not the only thing gazing you.
Lovers are jealous
I gave all the love to you
I think that even your mother would be jealous
She’s not the only one cooking for you.
How can’t they be jealous?
You are the angel of my dreams
How can’t they be jealous?
You are the one who taught me what love means.
How do I feel when I am with you?
I feel jealous
That’s how strong my love is to you
Of myself, I feel so jealous.
That day, that day!
The day I said yes
The day I got sober
After getting drunk of sadness.
My birthday present was you
A bless from Allah
All what I have to do is to love you
And all what you have to do is to be faithful to me.

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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