Thursday, May 24, 2012

That's the true story..

The first time I saw you
I forgot all my tears because of you
I felt like I am so smart
But I know that it's only the start. 
You made me feel so happy
You made my days so funny. 
I forgot all the problems I had
I forgot all the problems that drove me mad.
But after that, I became so disappointed 
Because all the fingers to you were pointed. 
I am sorry, at first I believed them
At that moment, my life was thrown to hell.

But then, I said no
To the doubts' crow. 
Because I trust you and I believe in you
And mostly because I love you. 
I loved you, I love you
And I will always do.
But you're giving me no chance
Because you really did change.
I am waiting for the real you to show up
But first I need you to cut off the crap. 
Please wake up, I need you in my real life
Please wake up, I need you to be my guide.

Written By: Nada Mrabet

(PS: At the end of the day, he turned out to be such full of crap bastard! And she turned out to be such a stupid girl. They broke up, and they lived happily ever after! Well, at least one of them did. Guess who?! lol)

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