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RaZZmataZZ is an Experimental Instrumental Music Band composed of five gifted musicians. Despite of the fact that they are young, their star of creativity, fame and success has already started to rise and shine. The most exiting thing of all is that they all are original of Kairouan. One day after the other, I am discovering more and more talents in my precious home land. Who knew that such a quiet city would have a gifted Band named RaZZmataZZ? Some of you have not heard about this Band yet. That’s why, through this article I am going to discover with you how these members navigate this adventure we call “RaZZmataZZ”. 

Their beginning: 

The fairy tail of RaZZmataZZ started to become a reality in 2006. It began with three friends passionate about music: Ahmed Hamza, Yesser Mestiri, and Mohamed Gahtar. Later, two additional members were recruited: Mohamed Beji, and Youssef Najjar. And lately, they have recruited Mohamed Gathoum. Their first album is Safra. 

Fan’s views: 

These young men, apt to satisfy their audience from all walks of life. And they have done that already, because their music pleases all tastes, and is easy to hear and understand, which makes it world wide music. It is a mixture between the previous and modernity. That’s what makes it special. Moreover, RaZZmataZZ is a well organized Band. Its members always cleverly pick the right title for their music. As a matter of fact, every title they have made describes exactly every musical piece they have created. And despite of their taste differences, they seem to work magic. Till now, their first album had faced a fine success, and the number of their fans is growing higher. 

Personal view: 

The moment I started to listen to RaZZmataZZ’s music, I swam in different adventurous seas of dreams. The best thing about such music is that it lets us see and feel things in our own way. It does not control us or our thoughts like nowadays music. That’s what makes me call it music of freedom. It is also a harmony that comes from the heart and the soul of young creative and ambitious artists. 
If there are some spots to reveal, it will be the short time that every tune takes. Such nice songs should last longer than just 3 and 4 minutes. 


This is an Interview I’ve done with one of the talented members: Ahmed Hamza (playing Violin and drums). He responded for my request instantly and humbly. 

1) What's the secret of the band's name?
RaZZmataZZ is an English word that has several meanings, we opted for two:
Voice of the people (Used mostly as a metaphor) and a Strong Sound coming from afar, so we just combined both meanings for RaZZmataZZ.
We just can't imagine ourselves playing our music under a silly name or a meaningless one, we believe that we can pass through messages of peace and respect through the melodies we play and we always want to honour ourselves, our families and our beloved Kairouan and why not one day represent Tunisia in International events, so having a serious meaningful name is very important for us.

2) Whose idea was it?
Forming the band wasn't anybody's idea, it was spontaneous.
However we all proposed names for the band and then Yasser Mestiri and Mohamed gahtar voted for my choice "RaZZmataZZ".
(The band was originally formed as a trio: 
*Ahmed Hamza playing the violin and the Drums.
*Yasser Mestiri playing the guitar.
*Mohamed gahtar playing the Bass.
It is after two years of hard work that we started having gigs and we recruited Mohamed Beji on the Violin, Youssef Najjar on the Keayboard and lately Mohamed Gathoum on the Percussions.)

3) Have you faced any problems or disagreements while creating your music?
Well, inside the band we may struggle sometimes to compose something that we all like, because we come from different Musical backgrounds, for instance Yasser (the guitarist of the band) is a Heavy Metal fan, unlike Youssef who is more for oriental sentimental tunes, same thing goes for me and the rest of the band. We just learned with time that our Musical differences should not be considered as weakness however a strength to the Band's sound that will be inhabited by several Musical backgrounds which form the Original Unique sound of RaZZmataZZ.

4) What are your future plans for the band?
Well, we are very organised in our way of looking at RaZZmataZZ's future.
When we started we had plans to impose ourselves in Kairouan, then in Tunisia as a whole, so we're still working in this step for the moment. We think we're doing fair but we need to work harder in order to get noticed and why not find a Label/Recording Studio that will believe in our talent and help us produce our special Music and tour around the country and all around the globe.
We have huge dreams, we know we can achieve them, but we also know that we have a lot of work to do!

5) If one day you got the chance to go solo or even join another more well- known band, would you split up with RaZZmataZZ?
No, I don't think I can do that; I may have a solo project in the future however this doesn't mean that RaZZmataZZ will be split up!
Never, we’re more than a band we're family :)
We may all have projects and stuff and maybe work on other bands but RaZZmataZZ is a dream that we are all working very hard to accomplish!
I believe RaZZmataZZ's flame should never die !

6) For those who do not know RaZZmataZZ, are there any web sites or forums you would like to recommend?
Of course there are several places where you can discover RaZZmataZZ.
We always try to everywhere as much as we can on the net.
However, these are the most updated most popular places where you can follow RaZZmataZZ's news, listen to our Music, watch our video clips and most of all Support us!
It is because without the people's support we will never achieve our noble goals.
I hope I was direct to the point, Thank you again Nada for your interest for the Band.

The answers of Ahmed H. are more than satisfying. I have nothing else to add because he had said it all. I have never met any of the rest of the band members, but the good thing about Ahmed is that he’s not only a creative artist, he’s also a successful student of Raggeda who had passed his final exams and got the “Maitrise Diploma in English language”. For that we congratulate him. I wish I had the opportunity to also interview the rest of the band members. However, I think that they would all say the same answers, because as Ahmed H. said, they are more than just band members, they are family. 
The members of RaZZmataZZ are talented indeed. The only thing they need is our encouragement and support, and the right people to sponsor them. 

Written by: Nada Mrabet.

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