Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beat the Sh*t out of Procrastination!

[Keep reading. Downstairs you'll find a list of steps to beat procrastination and a cool video!]

Procrastination is the act of having so many things on your to-do list and yet you don't do any of them. 

You would rather do anything to avoid studying or doing your homework because deep in the back of your head studying is boring and unpleasant. Here, we may talk about the concept of "Ultimate goal versus immediate desire": the ultimate goal being finishing your tasks and the immediate desire being the urge to log into Facebook and check your messages. You don't need to choose one of them, just switch their places. Convince your mind that the ultimate goal is logging into Facebook. That way you will keep on postponing it. And the immediate desire is finishing this one chapter of your book. Trick your mind! It works!

Next? You have tasks to do right NOW, but you keep on postponing them for LATER that day.


LATER comes at the end of the day and you feel tired and physically unable to do anything. And you say that famous line:

And tomorrow comes and you do the same thing again and again. 

After doing some research and watching some videos about beating procrastination, here is a list of things to do that will definitely help you as they have definitely helped me. Just keep in mind that these steps need to be done many times till they become part of your good habits. It's not a disease that you treat once and that's it. 
So! Are you ready?

1- Create a study timeline where you put down your tasks and homework and divide them into smaller achievable tasks. 
2- Create a to-do list or a check list so that every time you finish a task, you reward yourself with something that pleases you. That way your mind will keep on being motivated. I have put this blog post on today's to-do list and guess what? I have made it! YEY! I even put a little heart in front of every task I finish to spoil myself. 

3- Create a reward jar where you would put pieces of paper with nice treats written on them like "have a piece of chocolate" or "watch a Friends episode" or "close your eyes and meditate for 10 minutes while listening to Chopin". 
4- Schedule both work time and fun time.
5- Set goals for the end of each study session so that you can evaluate yourself and see how efficient the timeline was. That way you can make the appropriate adjustments whenever any are necessary. 
6- Get a study buddy to get in the study zone. The setting is highly important. That is why you should
7- Study away from your bed; and it is preferable to 
8- Study in a library.After all, it is the best way to
9- Avoid distractions.
10- Tell people that you're studying. Research studies have proved that telling them will make you feel obliged to actually study. Don't be like the whining majority, fearing that you will be cursed by the evil eye. 
11- Whenever you feel like you are about to spend the rest of your day procrastinating, ask yourself these three questions and write down your answers on a piece of paper as a reminder:Where are you? What do you want to do? How will you feel after doing it? If you keep in mind that when you spend your day without achieving any of your tasks you're going to feel down and blue, you will strive to not let that happen. It is because unfinished tasks are more likely to get stuck in your memory. When they do, that's when the bad feelings start to build up. But, when you successfully do every single task for that day, you will feel good and proud about yourself and you will feel happy and satisfied. Now that's the kind of feelings we need in our lives!
12- Always remember to take it easy on yourself as showing yourself compassion is a trick to beat procrastination. 

[Wanna learn more about it? Check out this awesome video which I have already consulted and found helpful and even used in this article. Jess is cool. Follow her on Youtube. She's got more useful study tips.]

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