Saturday, January 2, 2016

I'm not afraid..

I am done playing tough. I have decided to embrace my weaknesses long ago. Only the weak will be too afraid to do that. Weaknesses are good. They get you to keep in touch with your human side. 
Every time I show feelings of love, anger or jealousy, "some" accuse me of being a not-a-real feminist. I am too weak, they say. I should not be sharing too much. It'll turn me into a vulnerable-being. 
I'm a human-being. I have feelings and I am not afraid of living them to the fullest. They give me chest pain and shortness of breath. I cannot control/stop the pain. But at least it means I'm alive. I'm not afraid of sharing nude shots of my psyche. I'm not afraid of falling in love again and again till I find Mr Wrong who will render all my fuck-upism right. I'm not afraid of telling a boy that I love him or have feelings for him. I'm not afraid of asking a boy out when I feel like it. I'm not afraid of feeling afraid. 
Stop denying me my right of being in touch with my feelings. Ain't tough enough. No one is.

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