Friday, January 1, 2016

Farewell 2015, Brace yourself for 2016

I don't have a clear outline of 2015 in my head. All days and years are the same to me. But I do remember how 2014 ended. I had two amazing experiences with WeYouth -Tunisia and Active Citizens – British Councilduring which I discovered great skills and capacities I did not know I had in me. I fell for an asthmatic guy I nicknamed Mr Muscles who believed in me and in my capacities and who told me once that I am destined to create change. I trained groups of young people and students and transformed them into dynamic teams. I have learnt from them as much as they have learnt from me. I was part of the Active Students- طلبة فاعلون experience which have taught me a LOT. The best training experience I had as a trainer was with JCI Kairouan. They were BEYOND amazing and most importantly, they were grateful. Then, I was one of the organizers of the ‪#‎She_Can_Tunisia‬ event with Young Leaders Entrepreneurs thanks to which I have discovered my slamming skills and for that I would like to thank Ahlem Nas for empowering me and many other Tunisian women. You are a true leader, my lady! I fell in love with a person I nicknamed Superman who named me Calypso and himself Odysseus, little did I know there was a Penelope.. Yes, my love life sucked that much. But I have someone in my life whom I love the most and I hope I haven't lost her just yet and I hope I'll get to show her my love, loyalty and appreciation cuz that's what she deserves.. only the best. 

I haven't finished my 2015 book challenge of 100 books. I have only read about 25 books most of which were references related to my studies. I haven't finished my master's dissertation yet. I have spent a whole year boyfriend-free. I still believe that I need to keep on learning and trying new things. I am going to keep on working hard to make a better person out of myself. My dreams and ambitions are pretty much still the same ever since I was a teen: to become a good lecturer, to open a bookshop, to learn how to play piano, to become a writer and to become the Tunisian version of my Nawal Saadaoui. 

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