Friday, January 1, 2016

My Resolutions for 2016

* Stop it with the sarcasm thing and be serious for once in my life. Apparently my constant mockery of things hurts people and I don't want to be hurting anyone. It's something I've picked up in the recent years from other cyberbullies and now I need to get rid of that bad habit! [goodbye, Chandler]

cry emotico ]
‪#‎Empower‬ others instead of bullying and judging them.

* Try not to be misunderstood as it will only harm my cause which is that of ‪#‎feminism‬!

* Try to find a new word for feminism so that people would stop labeling me and calling me Amina even though I don't remember posting any naked photos of myself or adopting any of FEMEN's principles.

* Keep publishing stuff under my name cuz I don't really care about the simple-minded cyberbullies and I don't like my stuff being published under a pseudo-name.

* I'm launching a set of challenges which I will be communicating to you soon via my Youtube channel. Don't worry! There will be no hrissa and ice-bucket challenges.

* To never hold in any negative or bad feelings or else I'll end up in an anger management center or something! Although I won't mind a Jack Nicholson!

* To stop having too much faith in most humans and stop building castles in Spain. Apparently that's "naive".

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